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Hoot Owl Attic Oracle 20/20 Magazine The Inner Space
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The Inner Space &
Hoot Owl Attic

Participants & Services

6558 Vernon Woods Dr.
Sandy Springs, GA
Featured Providers

Kathy Hardman - BEMER Group
Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy

John Henderson - BrainTap


Nancy Banks
Light -Sound Therapy & AVACEN

Sylvia Rhodes - Events by Rhodes




Updates Coming Soon    
Eric McBryde - Reiki Ellen Chaffee -
Doc Shea - Kinesiology & Pain Relief

Bah'Dori - Chakra Balancing & Herbal Products

Kira Davidson -
Ionic Foot Bath

Deborah Carson - Sound Healing The Inner Space - Ionic Foot Bath ELM - Shamanic Healing

Product Vendors

Patsy Goolsby - Smudge Fans
& Hamalayan Salt Products
Karl Welz - Orgon Generators & Orgonite Valerie Wingate-
TruAura Skin's Microbiome
Pro & Pre Biotics